James 'Greg' Lewis, Qualified Manager, has worked in  California law enforcement for more than twenty-two years. He worked for  sixteen years as a Deputy Sheriff, in a medium sized Central California  sheriff's department where he promoted to the rank of Sergeant. His career included  two years as a narcotic investigator, three years as a homicide  detective (investigating 25 homicides - two capitol cases), thirteen  years on Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), department range master and he was a use of force instructor. He also worked two years as a  District Attorney Investigator where he specialized in gangs and violent  crimes. Finally, he worked as a Special Agent for the California  Department of Justice, Bureau of Gambling Control, which provided  further experience with tribal gaming, card rooms, and all aspects of  financial crimes investigations. In addition, he is well versed in  surveillance, intelligence, and the use of technical equipment. As a  seasoned law enforcement investigator, he has considerable courtroom  experience, and understands court procedures as well as rules of  evidence. As a law enforcement instructor, he taught the concepts of  vehicle operations, use of force, ethics, basic investigation, and the search for missing persons.

Furthermore,  Greg Lewis has been a duly licensed Private Investigator, by the State  of California, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, since  2004. J Greg Lewis Investigative Services exemplify integrity and  quality service. Working under the guidance of the owner's mission  statement, "we endeavor to provide the highest quality customer service."

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BSIS - License Private Investigator (#24358) 2004-present
BSIS - Guard Card (#1803862) 2012-Present
BSIS - Firearm Permit (#278264) 2012-Present
REGISTERED PROCESS SERVER - Tehama County (2013 - Present)
POST - Supervisory Certificate
POST - Advanced Certificate
POST - Intermediate Certificate
POST - Basic Certificate
POST - Background Investigation
POST - Officer Involved Shooting and Police Discipline
POST - Force Options/Use of Force Instructor
POST - Firearms Instructor/Range Master
POST/FBI - Chemical Agent Instructor
POST - SWAT Course & SWAT Team Leader Course 
POST Academy, Advanced Officer, and College Adjunct Instructor


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A non-fiction book featuring Greg Lewis

 Mark Bingaman has finally finished the book  that we have collaborated on. It is a chilling true detective story,  based on an actual case that we worked on. Here is the back cover  explanation of the book. 



Roaming  unabated, a serial pedophile spent every waking moment pacifying his  inner demons. Combating illicit sexual cravings, like self-medicating an  incurable disease, required daily heavy doses of hardcore pornography. A  chilling account of an eight year-old child kidnapped and brutally  murdered. Rising up from a rural California town and striking back, a  worldwide chase ensued for a sociopath gone mad. No respecter of human  rights—a child’s life. Leaving the United States and spanning half the  globe, the hunt would never end until coming face-to-face with every  parent’s worst nightmare.

A harrowing true-crime story grippingly  told by a team of detectives left standing. The story of Maria Piceno  is a testament of courage and faith— under fire. This special child  wouldn’t go quietly into the night. Out of life’s hardest lessons, comes  unforgettable sweet tender moments. Anyone that has loved a child—this  is a must read, no one can afford to miss. You’ll never be same:


VISIT "Vanished in Broad Daylight" web site. Published by Author House. 

IBN: 978-1-48174370-9 


Staci Lewis, attended and graduated California State University Sacramento with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminology, in 1996. She was recruited by the California Department of Justice, and she was hired as a Special Agent. Over the next 22 years, she worked extensive and intricate investigations including illegal narcotics, money laundering, counterfeit, possession of illegal firearms, officer involved shootings, and othermajor investigations. Her assignments included the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcment, Bureau of Firearms, and Bureau of Gambling Control. During her tenure she received 1000's of hours of specialized training in investigations.

During her career, her attention to detail and firm understanding of the legal system aided her in preparing police reports, various documents, and court documents including authoring search warrants and arrest warrants, asset forfeiture, and various other court orders. 

Over the past year, she completed extensive training and received her paralegal certificate. She is an authorized notary, and she has a goal to obtain her Bachelor's Degree in Paralegal studies.  

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