Private Investigations and More!!


What We Do!

A full service private investigative, process service, and litigation support services company. More than 50 years of combined investigative and court experience aides us in providing top quality services with confidence. We conduct our business in a discreet manner, and we honor your confidentiality. 

These are some of the services provided:

Process Service

When making  the choice on who should serve your important court documents, there is  no better choice than J Greg Lewis Investigative Services. We take  extreme pride and we are dedicated to tireless, lawful, bullet-proof service of process. Using other providers may not insure that they will take  the same care and concern that we provide. We look at your case as if it  were our own; and, we pride ourselves on getting it completed as soon as  possible.

Our service range includes California, statewide, as  well as interstate. We will make the first attempt within hours of receiving your documents. We also provide up to  the minute status updates via email.

Document Preparation & Small Claims Advisor

We have a certified paralegal on staff, who is qualified to assist in the preparation of your important court documents. She is a certified small claims assistant, and we offer "one stop shop." We can provide document preparation assistance, filing services, and as well as providing service of process. 

Notary & Mobile Notary Services

We offer notary services, in office. If you are not able to come to us, we also offer MOBILE NOTARY SERVICE. 

Law Enforcement Employment Backgrounds  

Law  enforcement backgrounds require special training and experience. Our  investigators have the requisite training and years of experience  conducting these very thorough inquiries into a candidates personal and professional lives.  

For many agencies, the task of  pre-employment background investigations can be extremely expensive in man-hours,  benefits, per diem, and overtime. We have very competitive rates and can negotiate a rate that will provide a cost savings for your governing body. 

We understand the intricate and delicate nature of these investigations and are well versed in the legal and moral obligations to insure prospective law enforcement personnel maintain the highest standards.

Criminal Defense Investigations

It seems, these days, our society has changed from crime and punishment to complete destruction of a person suspected of wrong doing. Not only does a person get charged with criminal offense(s) face the potential of having their freedom taken away, it seems everyone wants that person destroyed. More often than not, the defendant is also sued in civil court, and in some cases also tried in federal court.  Everyone deserves to be on even ground. The prosecutors have the police and DA investigators, the defense needs the same. Private Investigators are there to assist you and your attorney in your defense.    

We  have the training and experience to provide a comprehensive review of  police procedures and use of force then develop an in-depth evaluation  to assist your case.

We are experienced investigators with extensive investigative and interview skills, knowledge of the theory of best evidence, and driven to provide the best criminal defense investigation. We can provide for your investigative needs 

Our  investigators have been trained in the 80 hour POST District Attorney  Investigators Course, years of experience as a District Attorney  Investigator, and several years as a detective working various violent  crimes including two capitol murder cases. We understand all the aspects  of courtroom procedure, evidence, and the preparation of exhibits. 

Litigation Support & Civil Investigations

Furthermore, we also provide court services such as filings and case file review. 

Criminal History/Background Investigations 

There are times when someone important comes into your life. Isn't it prudent  these days to make sure    they really are the person your think they  are. We can conduct discrete investigations into a person's background  to make sure you have all the information to make those important life decisions.

Skip Tracing

There are those people who take pride and responsibility to insure their  financial obligations are in order; and then there are those people who hide and run under the radar, that do not want to be found. We can help.


There are times when information needs to be obtained without other's  knowledge. We have many years of experience in surveillance and covert  operations to uncover and obtain the information you need.

Sub Rosa Investigations

The  potential for fraud in workman's compensation claims and other  insurance provided claims is enormous. Our investigators are trained and  have the skill to obtain evidence to prove or disprove someone's claim  of injury.

Missing Persons

The owner, a  law enforcement instructor in the area of missing persons, understands  the needs of families and the limitations of law enforcement. There are times when a private investigator can step in to assist and provide that dedicated time to the search for your loved one. We have the drive, desire, and compassion to aid you in your search.

Our  service area is the California north state that spans from Colusa  County in the south to the California/Oregon state line, and from the  California/Nevada State Line to the Pacific Ocean. Our fee schedule is  reasonable and competitive